11/07/2012 07:56 BST | Updated 11/07/2012 08:13 BST

Hungry Shoppers Take Part In Free Food Vending Machine Challenge (VIDEO)

Would you risk it for a chocolate biscuit? Apparently so, as these hungry shoppers proved, after a hundred took part in a series of embarrassing challenges all for a free box of rice crackers.

Snack company Fantastic Delites and Clemenger BBDO Adelaide, set up a special vending machine in the middle of an Australian shopping centre to test how far people would go to get free food.

The experiment started off slowly, apart from a few inquisitive glances -- yes, we mean you on the mobility scooter!

Then a peckish grandma kicked off the vending machine challenge by successfully hitting a button 100 times to get her freebie.

fantastic delite free food

This grandma kicked off the challenges

A crowd soon followed, with hungry punters enthusiastically flexing their arm power and hitting the button 200, 300 and even 500 times to release their edible prize.

One girl managed to hit the button 5,0000 times in a bid for food. Yes, really.

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The challenges proceeded to embarrassing heights, with people resorting to kneeling, begging and breakdancing in front of the vending machine, all in the name of free grub.

robot dancing free food

Woman does the robot dance for free food

Could it be coming to a shopping centre near you? And more importantly, would beg, body pop and do the Mexican wave for a box of biscuits?