12/07/2012 07:10 BST

Suri Cruise And Katie Holmes Enjoy Some Mother-Daughter Bonding At The Zoo (PICTURES)

You can tell Suri Cruise is like, totally not bothered by her parents' divorce, especially when there are goats around that need feeding.

She and mum Katie Holmes enjoyed some mother-daughter bonding at Central Park Zoo in New York yesterday where Suri was far more interested in the menagerie of furry creatures than the media circus going on around her.

Well, she is only six years old.

Katie lavished her with attention and ice cream on the outing, and for Suri, the best thing about having divorced parents is that it means dad Tom will now have to take her on an equally nice day trip.

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Katie is believed to have landed primary custody of Suri, but Tom is reported to have vowed to spend as much time with her as he can.

In fact, he is planning to see her as soon as filming wraps on his current film Oblivion.

A source close to the star told E! news: "As soon as he is done shooting he will arrange to see Suri. If he wasn't shooting up in the mountains, I am sure he already would be with her."

Refusing to admit where that will happen, the source also added: "There will be no photo op."