Global Fat Scale: How Do You Rate Compared To Other Nations? (PICTURES)

If you’ve overheard colleagues musing over whether they weigh less than a North Korean but more than a Canadian today, don’t worry, there isn’t a new dodgy Eurovision ‘fat contest’ happening.

The conversation is all about the ‘global fat scale’, compiled by BBC News, which shows where your vital statistics and body mass index (BMI) sits in comparison to the rest of the world.

The ‘fat calculator’ is based on research data from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and was compiled using UN data on population size from 177 countries around the world.

This information was calculated against global weight from the World Health Organisation (WHO) and average height from a wealth of national health surveys – and voila! the ‘global fat scale’ was created.

After having a nose around Twitter, it seems that we’re all OBSESSED with where we stand among our foreign counterparts.

twitter reaction global fat scale

While some of us are feeling pretty darn smug that our BMI is the same as a svelte Japanese person, others are deflated (and possibly regretting that pub lunch earlier) after weighing in above the national average.

And others are scratching their head in confusion…

global fat scale twitter

If you’re curious whether you share the same waistline as a Bangladeshi person or are a BMI twin with a Danish national – take the test here.

And remember… be honest!

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