15/07/2012 08:51 BST

London 2012: Victoria Pendleton Looking Forward To Partying After Retirement

Olympics cycling star Victoria Pendleton is set to party when she puts the brakes on her cycling career and retires after this summer's Games.

The 31-year-old sprint cyclist, who won gold four years ago in Beijing, is currently focused on triumphing in London.

But when her swansong event is over she plans to kick back and have fun, she said, after years of merciless training.

Pendleton, nearly as renowned for her model good looks and covergirl photo shoots as her track prowess, told the Sunday Mirror's Celebs magazine: "I look forward to going out, having a boogie and being able to wear high heels without worrying what my physio is going to say.

"I've got a cupboard full of Jimmy Choos, Louboutins and Stella McCartney wedges. I don't have much else to spend my money on when I'm training. But most of them are still in their boxes because I'm not allowed to wear them."

Pendleton, who said her appearance is important to her and she will even race with painted nails, competes in a skin suit which has no room underneath it for anything except for a sports vest.

Pendleton, who is engaged to the sports scientist Scott Gardner, said the worst thing about the suits is scheduling toilet breaks.

"The only time I might end up flashing is if I fall off the bike because the friction can melt the fabric on you," she said.