16/07/2012 10:45 BST | Updated 15/09/2012 06:12 BST

Mr. Brainwash Announces New Solo Show With Mural Of Kate Moss In London

How many times have you seen Kate Moss's face?

We don't mean her actual face - the one made of flesh and bone - of course, not unless you're a regular on the London party circuit or a catwalk photographer (we're neither).

No, we mean representations of her lovely visage, not just in magazines but in art?

kate moss mr brainwash mural london

Mr. Brainwash's Kate Moss

Whether it's Marc Quinn's limber gold statue, Lucian Freud's intimate pregnant nude or Banky's Warhol-inspired portrait, the great female muse of our times has found herself recreated almost as often by artists as she has by the in-house Photoshoppers at Calvin Klein and Rimmel.

Also on that list of Kate-worshippers is Thierry Guetta, the man you'll best know as Mr Brainwash, the butt of the joke in the aforementioned street artist's Oscar nominated movie Exit Through the Gift Shop.

The notoriously eccentric Frenchman has decorated the wall of the old sorting office that connects London's Museum Street and New Oxford Street with a giant Kate Moss mural to help announce his new UK show.

Painting Moss is, as this article helps to prove, a reliable way to generate some column inches.

But is it a particularly provocative or interesting way for Mr. Brainwash to launch his first large scale European solo exhibition, particularly as he's 'done' the supermodel before?

We'd have loved to have seen something that hinted at newer work contained in the show, which is generating considerable buzz ahead of its launch on 5 August.

In the mean time, here's Kate. Again.

Mr. Brainwash's Kate Moss