18/07/2012 15:41 BST | Updated 20/07/2012 18:18 BST

Edinburgh Festival Comedy: 10 Questions With Asher Treleaven

The Edinburgh Festival is nearly upon us - and the latest performer to do our Q&A is acclaimed Aussie comedian, writer, actor and notorious ponce (his words, not ours) Asher Treleaven - whose new Edinburgh show, Troubadour, debuted at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in March.

Pitch your Edinburgh show in 25 words or less.

It’s an autobiographical show utilising Edward de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats to solve whether my life is interesting enough to talk about for an hour.

Your best Edinburgh moment?

Watching a crazy San Francisco street performer called Jonathan Taylor climb an unstable 25ft advertising bollard in underpants and drop over 30,000 multicoloured super balls down the Royal Mile. ART!

And your worst?

Watching a drunk father, through a curtain in Old Town, drop his 4-year-old daughter’s birthday cake on the ground.

You've got one hour free in Edinburgh - what do you do?

I go to sleep in a specially fitted heath.

Which Edinburgh landmark/venue/place would you give a five star review to?

There’s a place called the secret underground millionaires club, but I’m not allowed to mention it. So in its place, I give a five star review to The Outsider café, which is the best café/restaurant in Edinburgh.

Give us a secret Edinburgh tip!

Do everything early in your stay, otherwise time will fly and before you know it, you’ll be drunk in the back of a black cab watching Arthur’s Seat fade into the distance as you speed to the airport.

Deep-fried haggis or deep-fried Mars bar?

Deep-fried Mars bar. It’s got far more going for it than a deep-fried haggis, which is just haggis showing off. A deep fried Mars bar is an Edinburgh delicacy and should be eaten only once a year in an alley, away from prying, envious eyes.

Kilt or trousers?

Trousers. Only Scotsmen and Scotswomen can wear a kilt, and most men have no business showing their legs to anyone.

Arthur's Seat or Arthur Smith?

Arthur’s Seat. I’ve tried to climb Arthur Smith before and it’s impossible - he’s treacherous and slippery.

Complete this sentence: “In Edinburgh, I will be mainly...


Asher Treleaven's show Troubadour is at 16.30 at the Gilded Balloon, 1-26 August. Find out more and book tickets here.