19/07/2012 11:39 BST | Updated 18/09/2012 06:12 BST

Meat Loaf Sues Tribute Act For 'Stealing His Internet Space', Demands Damages Of $100,000

Meat Loaf is, by all accounts, a genial kind of rock star, but something has evidently got his goat.

Meat Loaf is not happy

Holy Moly reports that the singer of full-blown rock hits such as Bat Out of Hell,Two Out of Three Ain't Bad and Read 'Em And Weep has got his lawyer on the case and is suing a tribute band for invading his internet space.

He claims that Dean Torkington, who used to be an Elton John tribute act before he "put on a bit of weight", has exploited the domain name MeatLoaf.org for financial gain, and is demanding damages of $100,000.

But it gets more complicated, with Torkington claiming that he offered to sell the domain name to the long time rocker, but was rebuffed. Read more on the story here...

It feels as though poor beleagued Mr Loaf is currently only in the headlines for the wrong reasons. Earlier this year, he was forced to cancel a TV engagement after being taken suddenly ill, while larking about with a banana. This may become clearer with the full story, available here...