24/07/2012 16:47 BST | Updated 23/09/2012 06:12 BST

Leveson Inquiry Comes To End, Lord Justice Leveson Will Report Back As Soon As 'Reasonably Can'

Lord Justice Leveson on Tuesday thanked the press as the 97-day Leveson Inquiry came to an end.

He said reporters covering the inquiry in London during the past eight months had kept the public informed.

Lord justice Leveson will report back as soon as he 'reasonably' can

The appeal court judge said he would produce a report as soon as he "reasonably" could.

"It's an interesting moment," said Lord Justice Leveson, after hearing a final submission from a barrister representing News International. "The gathering of formal evidence by the examination of witnesses is now at an end."

He added: "I thank the press who have reported on the inquiry ... for keeping everybody informed."

Lord Justice Leveson said he recognised the urgency of providing a report for ministers and interested parties, adding: "I will produce a report as soon as I reasonably can."