25/07/2012 08:44 BST | Updated 24/09/2012 06:12 BST

Nail Art Inspired By TV, Films And Music By Kayleigh O'Connor

How do you express your love for TV, films and computers games? Telling anyone who'll listen? Maybe a poster pon the wall?

Student Kayleigh O'Connor has another way of expressing her fandom: nail art.

"I am a fan of so much stuff - television, films, musicians... there is a never ending list of things I want to represent on my nails," the 24-year-old told us.

"I think of them as mini, removable tattoos. Considering my impulsive nature, I would probably be covered in tattoos by now if my nails weren't the such an outlet..."

Indiana Jones and the Nails of Doom?

Of her many creations, we love the Edward Scissorhands tribute, complete with stuck on blades, and the Indiana Jones featuring his signature whip. But if you've enjoyed just about any major TV show or film in the past ten years, you're likely to find something you love in Kayleigh's collection.

"I've had a really positive reaction to my designs - it's really surprised and flattered me. I am just pleased that I can give people a laugh through what really is just my little hobby," she says.

Which is your favorite?

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