Memory Loss: One In Four Adults 'Don't Know Own Phone Number'

One in four adults doesn't know their own phone number, according to new research.

A poll of 2,000 people by mobile security firm BullGuard said that the average Brit can only memorise two phone numbers.

And of the numbers people do remember, most of the numbers are from the pre-mobile era.

The study found 60% of people saw 'no need' to remember phone numbers - but that 34% admitted they were unable to contact a loved one after losing their phone.

Only 17% of those married respondents knew their spouse's phone number.

As to why they don't remember phone numbers, 25% said it was due to the rise of email, while 37% said everyone texts instead.

''Before mobile phones were common place, the majority of people would know their partners' phone number," said BullGuard COO Mike Hodges. ''In this day and age, nobody feels the need to memorise phone numbers, as we rarely have to dial a number anymore."