28/07/2012 13:00 BST

YouTube Video Of Police Clashing With Pro-Cycling Campaigners Critical Mass Attracts Thousands Of Views

YouTube videos which allegedly capture clashes between pro-cycling campaigners and police have attracted over 17,000 views in the wake of arrests of more than 100 cyclists who took part.

In the amateur footage which claims to have been filmed on Blackfriars Bridge, chants of "shame on you" can be heard shouted at police, whilst officers scuffle with cyclists. One woman can be heard telling police officers: "Stop it. That man is clearly disabled."

Scuffles between police officers and protesters were filmed and uploaded on YouTube

The footage is blurry and the order of events is unclear

A man has been arrested in connection with the incident, a Met Police Spokesman told the Huffington Post UK.

Cyclists from the 'critical mass' cycling campaign defied police instructions not to go ahead with their monthly cycle on the eve of the opening ceremony, according to Scotland Yard.

Some of the cyclists were arrested for causing a public nuisance

In a statement issued earlier, Scotland Yard said the arrests were made because the procession "had the potential to cause serious disruption to the life of the community."

The offending cyclists were held for breach of Section 12 of the Public Order Act and for causing a public nuisance, a spokesman said.

Officers were aware that a monthly cycle procession was due to take place, and made several attempts to engage with riders to discuss their plans, he added.

"The procession usually attracts approximately 100 cyclists, but on this occasion around 400-500 people gathered near Waterloo at approximately 6pm. Officers believe this may have included other individuals or groups not normally part of the monthly procession."

More than 100 arrests were made during the pro-cycling ride

A spokesman for the group Occupy London said that at about 9pm a kettle was imposed on more than 100 cyclists at the junction of Stratford High Street and Warton Road, where they were held for most of the opening ceremony.

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