Four-Metre Tall, $1.3m Robot (With Machine Gun Arms) Unveiled In Tokyo (VIDEO)

Do you check the tech pages of the Huffington Post daily just waiting for the announcement of a fully bi-pedal robot with machine guns for arms?

If so, today's your day.

The four-metre-tall mech ('Kuratas') made by 'Suidobashi Heavy Industry', aka artist Kogoro Kurata, is actually controlled by a pilot sitting inside the hulking machine.

It has four wheeled legs and two machine guns at the end of its arms, which can shoot up to 6,000 ball bearings a minute. It can also be controlled by an iPhone.

It was revealed in Japan at the annual Wonder Festival, and is almost certainly a terrifying danger to humanity.

Luckily the thing costs $1.3m, meaning that only the wealthiest among us will be able to afford one. Which we're sure will end well.