01/08/2012 10:56 BST | Updated 01/10/2012 06:12 BST

Nokia Launches Pink Nail Polish (But 'Doesn't Make Pink Phones')

Nokia might have told us they don't make pink phones - but someone should tell their US marketing team.

Over there, Nokia has announced they are launching a new pink nail polish to go with their recently launched special edition Lumia 900.

The polish, made by Duality Cosmetics, is available for one day only at special shops in Dallas, Denver and LA, from Nicki Minaj's stylist.

Of course, Nokia isn't explicitly saying that the event is for women - they wouldn't do something as obvious as promote pink phones just for ladies. Instead they're asking Nokia "fans" to come and use the phone while getting their nails done.

Take a look at the announcement above.