02/08/2012 07:01 BST | Updated 02/10/2012 06:12 BST

iPhone 5 $800? Apple Rumour Sweeps Twitter

A rumour that the new iPhone will cost $800 has taken the web by storm - despite having no apparent basis in reality.

Twitter saw two trending topics about the hypothetical device break into the top 10 on Thursday.

They included "#800dollarsforaniPhone" and "iPhone 5 $800".

Thousands of people tweeted about the price, registering their disbelief that a phone could cost so much money.

However it was unclear where exactly the rumour came from, since no announcement about the iPhone 5 or its price have been made - and no site with any credibility has suggested the $800 figure.

IB Times pointed to an article on GamenGuide, which said that a Chinese auction site had listed a phone identified as a new iPhone for about $800 to $1,050.

But the post also says that the listing is probably a scam, and that the new iPhone would not cost that much on contract.

There have also been a spate of recent leaks and images of the supposed iPhone 5, heightening speculation about the device.

That all said, the price might not be too outlandish after all.

Over at the Apple store, an unlocked iPhone 4S with 64gb of memory is… £699, or $1,087. So significantly more than $800.

Typically most phones are sold as part of a contract deal with your network carrier, which is why the price is usually so much lower.