05/08/2012 10:48 BST

UK Food Is Voted The Worst By US And Australia In Survey

Americans and Australians may be English-speaking but they are none too keen on English eating, according to a survey.

People from the US and Australia, as well as Norway, voted the UK as having the worst local food, the poll by found.

In contrast, Britons voted the US as the best for family dining, the best for value and the best for street food.

Fish and chips topped the list of dishes that Britons thought overseas visitors should try on trips to the UK.

This was followed by the traditional roast dinner and the full English breakfast.

The poll showed that Britons travelling abroad particularly liked Italian and Thai food, while they considered the French as providing the best in fine dining.

As many as 74% of Britons missed UK food and drink when they travelled overseas, with a cup of tea the thing most pined for.

Other missed foods while abroad included roast meals, fish and chips and chocolate.