07/08/2012 19:20 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

10-Year-Old Entrepreneur Launches UK's First Hamster Hotel

Ten-year-old entrepreneur launches country's first hamster hotel Jupiter

Animal loving 10-year-old Alex Dellamuro has opened up a 'hamster hotel' in a bid to fill a gap in the market and make some extra pocket money!

The schoolboy charges bed and board at £1 per night at his home in Lelant, Cornwall. He already has four guests booked in – albeit all guinea pigs, rather than hamsters!

10-year-old entrepreneur launches UK's first hamster hotel Alex and his own hamster Smudge

Alex told his local radio station Pirate FM: "I like making houses for my hamster, because I get loads of cages and expand them, like upgrade, and then I thought it looked like a hotel, and then I kind of thought of a hamster hotel, and then I got on the computer and made a little poster."

Like any good b&b landlord, Alex has a list of rules and regulationss for his house guests, and expects his customers to provide their own cages.

"We can't supply our own hamster cages, so obviously you have to bring your own," he said, but added that they do 'supply bedding and food, and water and cleaning'. And, most importantly 'will look after and play with' all their furry guests!

What a great idea! Have your kids got a 'business' they are trying to get off the ground?