07/08/2012 11:03 BST | Updated 07/08/2012 11:08 BST

Olympics: US Rower Henrik Rummel Explains His 'Excitement' (PHOTO)

To all those who say 'There's no shame in winning a bronze medal', we say: you're right. Unless you're collecting one while wearing a pair of extremely revealing shorts:

us rowers

Yes, spare a thought for the proud and quite literally upstanding member of the US Olympic rowing team, Henrik Rummel. He's the one second in on the left, in case you hadn't noticed.

The moment was captured by Getty, posted on Reddit with the caption "One US rower was particularly excited by his Bronze medal", and went all over the interwebs, of course (heck, there's even a video of it). And it's finally led to Rummel himself trying to clear things up.

Posting on Reddit under the name Rummelator (we see what he did there), he wrote: "This is me and I swear it's not erect! I don't know why it ended up in that position but there you go."

There you go, indeed. Don't worry, Henrik. We're proud of you, your country's proud of you and from the looks of it, Little Henrik's proud of you, too. Hurrah!