08/08/2012 13:39 BST

Kisses On Emails 'Number One Office Bugbear'

Kisses on emails to business contacts are Britain's biggest office bugbear, according to a new survey.

Two-thirds (66%) of 1,000 people questioned found kisses on work emails annoying while half objected to being called honey or dear in business emails (54%) and complained about abbreviations like OMG (50%).

More than four out of 10 (44%) felt smiley faces on work emails were inappropriate while almost three out of 10 (28%) objected to cheesy greetings like "happy Friday" or questions about their weekend plans (17%).

The survey, for office products firm Staples, also found more than half of those questioned (58%) were irritated when people did not leave an out of office message when they went on holiday.

Even when people did leave a message, it could cause annoyance with 65% of people saying spelling or grammatical errors made them think the person was shoddy while 46% were irritated by out of office messages which they considered abrupt.

:: 1,000 people were questioned last month by OnePoll.