08/08/2012 16:49 BST

Touchline: The Start-Up Aiming To End Queueing Forever

If you've had the luck to get into an Olympic venue this week - or even just had to travel on the Tube - you know the pain of queueing.

So what if you never had to again?

One start-up at the Wayra Academy in London is trying to do just that.

Touchline Solutions is one of 16 new businesses chosen from a pool of more than 1,000 applicants, and is just the latest local outpost of the Wayra brand, which also has incubators in South America and Spain.

Their idea is to use mobile apps to handle all the stress of queueing before you ever arrive at a location, shop or airport - sort of like a giant 'take a ticket' machine for the entire world.

It sounds cool. And while we recently visited the O2/Telefonica-sponsored Academy and chatted to the founders - but now it's time to learn about the businesses which are being built inside its walls.

Take a look at the our interview with Touchline below, and follow the rest here.

So- Touchline. What's your idea? (In less than 100 words)

Our idea is to use smartphone technology to solve the problem of queuing in spaces such as shops, theme parks and many other spaces.

How will it change Huffington Post UK's readers' lives?

Queuing is inherent to our British culture, but we aim to ensure that it won’t be any more. Hopefully, in years to come readers of the Huffington post will look back at the alien concept of queuing amused and relieved that is now a thing of the past.

What's the biggest challenge you face?

Our biggest challenge is that we are new to the world of start-ups and our business is still quite early stage so our product has a lot of development and testing to undergo. But as a team we are dynamic and quick on our feet, so the Wayra acceleration process is perfect for us.

What does success look like to your company?

Success for our company means revolutionising the way that many businesses function and knowing that our technology creates better customer relationships by making experiences more fun and exciting for the end users.

Do you fear failure?

Of course we fear failure, but not as much as we desire success, and I think that’s generally what differentiates most entrepreneurs. We are really excited by the revolutionary potential of our idea, and there couldn’t be any better support than Wayra to help ensure that we don’t fail.

Away from tech, what inspires you?

Away from tech we are all really inspired by interesting people who have achieved success in various fields and have stories and knowledge to pass on to people like us who are just starting out. We hope that we’ll be able to inspire people like with our story some day.

How do you stay creative?

The main way to stay creative is by always remaining curious, always learning more about new things, and by looking at the world’s largest and smallest problems and thinking of ways to solve them. It’s also important to always keep some kind of notebook with us at all times, inspiration can be so fleeting so you have to jot it down before it disappears.