09/08/2012 08:09 BST | Updated 09/08/2012 08:10 BST

Study: Making Something More Expensive Means Fewer People Do It

Making something more expensive means that fewer people do it, an incredible study into university tuition fees has revealed.

"Although it is too early to draw any firm conclusions, this study provides initial evidence that increasing the cost of something has an impact on the number of people doing it, " said the chairman of The Blooming Obvious Research Institute. "It's astonishing."

The findings come on the back of other studies which show that night does indeed follow day, the Pope is in fact a Catholic and bears, amazingly, defecate in woods.

This is little consolation to those who are now too poor to afford a university education, however.

"If only I had more money, I could afford to do something that costs more," complained one.

"It's such a shame, " added another. "Who knew that when something goes up in price, some people might not do it?"