10/08/2012 09:12 BST | Updated 09/10/2012 10:12 BST

David Cameron Defends Indian Dancing Criticism Amid Sports Targets Row

David Cameron has defended his attacks on the teaching of Indian dancing in schools, insisting it's a waste of money.

The Prime Minister has come under fire for ditching a requirement on schools to offer pupils at least two hours a week of sport. Critics have called for the target to be reinstated as Britain achieves record success at the London Olympics.

The row has intensified after Mayor of London Boris Johnson suggested kids should be doing two hours of PE not just every week, but every day.

Johnson, widely viewed as a potential sucessor to David Cameron as Tory leader, said on Thursday: "I would like to see, frankly, the kind of regime I used to enjoy - compulsory two hours sport every day... I've no doubt that is the sort of thing that would be wonderful for kids across this country."

Speaking on Friday morning David Cameron said in response: "The trouble we have had with targets up to now, which was two hours a week, is that a lot of schools were meeting that by doing things like Indian dance or whatever, that you and I probably wouldn't think of as sport so there's a danger of thinking all you need is money and a target. If that was the solution we would have solved the problem by now."

Speaking to BBC Radio 5 Live the PM was challenged by Nicky Campbell over his comments.

Listen to the broadcast:

Cameron's comments have been criticised as a ploy to deflect attention away from a rift between the PM and Boris Johnson.

Labour leader Ed Miliband told Five Live it was "no good blaming the teachers".

"One of the things we have got to do is look at the successful experience of School Sport Partnerships which this Government has so far been sceptical about, and let's build on that.

"It's no good blaming the teachers or blaming everybody else for what's happening in our schools. Let's work together to find ways in which we can build on that legacy, and I think we can personally."