10/08/2012 09:59 BST | Updated 10/08/2012 10:05 BST

Drunk Norwegian Tourist Captured On Rome Airport X-Ray Scanner After Falling Asleep On Baggage Belt (PICTURE)

Airport security staff scanning luggage x-rays were stunned to find the the outline of a human being amongst the suitcases.

But this was no attempt to smuggle a person into another country, rather it was a drunk Norwegian tourist who fell asleep on a baggage belt at Rome's Fiumicino Airport.

tourist falls asleep la repubblica

Just having a snooze: The tourist was sound asleep as he passed through the airport's powerful x-ray machinery

The unnamed 36-year-old had apparently been drinking heavily when he arrived at Terminal 3 to check in for a flight to Oslo, Italian daily La Repubblica said.

After finding no one at the check-in desk, he is reported to have leapt across the counter and loaded his luggage onto the belt before falling asleep next to it, The Telegraph said.

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He wasn't roused as when the belt began to move and proceeded to trundle along it for 15 minutes before officials spotted his curled-up body on the x-ray monitors.

Police took the man to hospital to undergo medical checks after his exposure to the powerful x-rays and he is now facing charges of causing alarm after he was reported to prosecutors at Civitavecchia.

A senior police officer insisted the incident had not exposed any security weaknesses and that it was not the first incident of its kind involving "drunks or people with psychological problems."

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