13/08/2012 06:04 BST

Christine Bleakley: 'Don't Call Me A WAG'

Christine Bleakley has said she refuses to be labelled as a WAG, claiming she is "fiercely independent".

The TV host, who is engaged to footballer Frank Lampard, said she has always taken pride in being able to take care of herself.

christine bleakley

The Dancing On Ice presenter also told the Mail on Sunday's Live magazine she is recognisable all around the world because of her relationship with the Chelsea midfielder.

She said: "I've always been fiercely independent. That comes from my mum, she drummed it into me at an early age that I should always have my own identity and should never rely on others for my happiness.

"So I've always taken pride in being able to look after myself. I might be the girlfriend of a footballer but I've got my own career outside of that."

She continued: "Before I met Frank I'd always get recognised but only in the UK. I've grown used to being recognised all over the world."

christine bleakley frank lampard

Christine with her fiance Frank Lampard

Bleakley also spoke about being axed from ITV1's breakfast show Daybreak, saying the show was a victim of its own hype.

The 33-year-old said: "The show was built up to be the greatest thing to happen to TV for years. It meant we were asking to be shot down."

She joked that the biggest lesson she learned from the experience was that she was not built to get up at 3am every day. "No alarm clock should ever go off at that time," she said.