16/08/2012 06:28 BST

'Chinese Adele' Impresses Judges On 'The Voice' (VIDEO)

Missing gong-gathering wonder-warbler Adele while she takes a break from the limelight? Don't worry, folks! There's a Chinese version waiting in the wings...

And by "the wings", we mean China's version of The Voice - where clearly-very-talented Zheng Hong, 19, wowed the judges with her uncannily-Adele-like rendition of Someone Like You.

Sadly, our Chinese is a little ropey, so we're unable to fully grasp exactly what's being said in this YouTube clip - but the general gist seems to be that this kid's a raw talent/going to go far/has something really special, etc, etc...

And in the continued absence of the real Adele, you may like to peruse our fantastic video slideshow of more Adele covers... (See? We think of everything!)