16/08/2012 05:46 BST | Updated 16/08/2012 06:03 BST

Sexy A-Levels Blog, Recording 18-Year-Old Women Jumping In The Air With Results, Closes

It's Thursday. It's the second week of August. So it must be time for sexy A-levels?

Except the infamous blog, which chronicles the epidemic of newspapers and websites (cough) publishing pictures of attractive young women jumping in the air to celebrate their exceptional A-level results has now closed.

Why? According to one of the blog's authors, the primary reason is that Twitter has it covered. Then there's the patriarchy (as well as some not quite getting the joke).

sexy a levels

Fruity: a tumblr chronicling young girls being given their A-level results has shut down

"Our weapons are useless. In the 3 (4?) years we’ve been doing this, most media outlets remain unrepentant in their skeevy coverage. Worse, some of them have been being a little knowing and arch in their skeeviness. “Look! We’re being ironically appalling. Aren’t we adorable?”

Finally, the author of the post ends with this:

"I’m 36. I have a wife and son and I moderate a website that collates pictures of 18 year old girls for a joke that even its creators struggle to justify. As the great man once said, it’s no way to run a f**king ballroom."

What do you think of the habit of publishing pictures of young girls every August? Will it ever stop? Or do you think it's not a problem. Let us know in the comments below


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