17/08/2012 12:20 BST | Updated 20/08/2012 08:37 BST

Pizza Manufacturer Goodfella's Launches New Superiore Range

Frozen pizza superbrand Goodfella's is targeting new consumers with its new Superiore pizza range.

Inspired by the success of its Flatbread range, which has sold more than £8m worth, the range has comes in three varieties:

· Margherita with Pesto – Mozzarella cheese combined with diced Italian tomatoes and topped off with pesto

· Pepperoni Speciale - Mozzarella cheese, slices of seasoned pepperoni, Italian-style ham and green peppers

· Chicken Arrabiata - Mozzarella cheese and Roasted chicken, and hot Roquito Peppers

In addition, the dough undergoes a fermentation process of more than three hours to develop a fuller flavour, the base is made using extra virgin olive oil, and they are cooked on traditional Italian stones.

Charlotte Wicks, assistant brand manager at Goodfella’s, said consumer demand for ultra thin, authentic pizza is continuing to grow year on year, adding she was confident sales of Superiore will reflect this.

“Superiore aims to emphasise Goodfella’s quality credentials, building on the success of the Flatbread range to offer its loyal customers an even more premium experience at the same price point," she said.

This is the second time Goodfella's has attempted a rebrand to attract new customers. Last September it rebranded the packaging, ditching the moustachioed Italian on packs and its pizza fairy on TV advertising in favour of focusing on ingredients.

Pizza Express, Dr Oetker and Gino's have all launched premium take-home pizza ranges in recent months.

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