21/08/2012 19:22 BST

Jordanian Paralympic Athletes Questioned Over Indecent Assault Claims

Three members of the Jordanian Paralympic team have been questioned by police about allegations of indecent assaults on women while preparing for the start of next week's London 2012 Games.

Detectives were called in following separate complaints by three women in Antrim town, 22 miles from Belfast, where the three men were detained.

The Jordanian squad is one of several Paralympic teams based in Northern Ireland and has been using the Antrim Forum as a training base in advance of the Games beginning next Wednesday.

Interpreters had to be called in to help police with their questioning of the three men. They were still being held tonight, but none has been charged.

They were arrested in Antrim last night after the three women - none of them competitors - lodged claims of indecent assault.