21/08/2012 13:34 BST | Updated 21/08/2012 13:43 BST

Message To My Ex: 'Therapy' Site Where Former Lovers Can Get It All Off Their Chests

Selling itself as a “safe place to vent”, Letter To My Ex is where the broken-hearted go to get closure.

Or, in many cases, scrawl bile about the ones we once loved, under the cloak of anonymity.

Organised into subcategories including “What I wish I’d told you”, “It’s over, move on”, “My awesome new life” and “Still heartbroken”, the site claims to offer a therapeutic space where you can say your piece without interruptions or distractions.

Some of it is plain and simple ranting. One author gets straight to the point: “Dear Ricky, I just wanted to start this letter with a big F you.”

After a brief synopsis of “Ricky’s behaviour”, the letter eloquently sums up: “You were a douche, a complete and utter douche.”

Other entries are brimming with raw emotion: “I miss your kisses. I miss your smile. I can’t even remember the sound of your heart anymore and that kills me. Come back to me. Please?”

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While the majority of letters appear to be from anonymous authors, the site does offer a service where your ex can be sent a link to your letter. (We're not entirely sure how wise that is... no one likes a break-up played out in public, yes we're talking about you Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson).

The site came into being just two weeks ago and is the brainchild of freelance journalists Pip Harry and Rachel Smith, reveals.

Harry explained: “We often hear from people who are having trouble moving on from past relationships… we wanted to provide a place where they can write it all down and send it into cyberspace and let it all go.”

As to whether it works, psychologist Jacqui Manning told PR Web: “Writing an unsent letter is a process that can speed healing and I often advise it as a useful exercise when a client is obsessed on a former partner.

“Writing out your feelings can be really beneficial in breaking the cycle of obsessive, negative thinking we can all experience after a breakup – and can also lead to feelings of relief and empowerment.”

Get typing, people.

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