Transfer Deadline Day: 12 Memorable Deals (PICTURES)

The inception of the transfer window, which gave birth to Transfer Deadline Day has, for better or worse, lead to clubs scrambling for players before the draught is shut.

Implemented in 2002/03, it has seen Jim White emerge as the bête noire of football supporters due to his penchant for sensationalising someone getting into a car. Sky Sports News has consequently become a turn-off on the day, but like Big Brother in its heyday we watch it even though we know it is wrong.

And it is via channel 405 (for Sky customers) where we have watched on, amazed, that West Ham United somehow bought two of the finest Argentinian footballers in 2006 and that Liverpool really did fork out £35m for Andy Carroll.

So, ahead of the madness, here's 12 memorable deadline day swoops in English football...

Transfer Deadline Day Swoops