30/08/2012 11:53 BST

Thailand Breaks 'Mass Massage' World Record (PLUS Health Benefits Of Massage)

How many people does it take to break a massage world record? Answer 641.

Thailand has rubbed out Australia's record of 263 people being massaged at the same time for five minutes, by mass-massaging (yes, that's a phrase) 641 people simultaneously for 12 minutes.

According to The Huffington Post US, the event was organized by the Ministry of Public Health to promote the Southeast Asian nation's massage and spa industry.

massage world record

Thai masseuses perform mass massaging at a sport arena on the outskirts of Bangkok, Thailand

Steve Foster, secretary of the London & Counties Society of Physiologists (LCSP), adds that massage has many hidden health benefits, beyond the pleasurable.

"Massage can be used to stimulate the nervous system and increase energy levels. Or using different techniques, it can calm and relax a patient."

Fosters also uses massage to improve the muscular system of the body, pointing out that ancient Green physician Hippocrates advocated rubbing joint that were too loose or tight.

So are you missing out? Find out what else massage can do...

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