Will Gold Medals Equal Riches For London 2012 Winners? (PICTURES)

03/09/2012 12:38 BST | Updated 03/09/2012 12:46 BST

Team GB have been medalling like crazy during the past five weeks, but where will those pieces of gold take their owners?

According to sports marketing expert Clifford Bloxham, London 2012 could earn certain athletes serious earning power.

"One thing to recognise is that these athletes compete for one-four Olympic Games, whereas the average working life is 40 years," says Bloxham who works with Scottish Widows.

"Athletes need to play their cards right and invest in their future, as the increased attention doesn’t last forever."

Yet when it comes to the factors that secure the best endorsement deals, Bloxham notes it's not just about winning gold.

Factors To Attract Sponsors

Being female – it is easier for females to win the big sponsorship deals as male athletes need to compete against other famous faces from rugby, F1, football etc

Being liked by the public – Andy Murray’s interest grew hugely after the tears at Wimbledon

Having a story to tell – British Mum Paula Radcliffe was expected to be in the top two, before having to pull out

How internationally recognised the sport is – Boxing athletes will do better than gymnasts

So how will Team GB's Olympics medal winners fare...?

Value Of Gold?