03/09/2012 05:13 BST | Updated 02/11/2012 05:12 GMT

Paolo Di Canio Brands Wes Foderingham The 'Worst Player I Have Ever Seen'

Forget Alex Ferguson and the hairdryer treatment - Paolo Di Canio has just gone nuclear.

The Swindon manager launched a remarkably vicious verbal attack on his own goalkeeper Wes Foderingham after substituting him after just 21mins against Preston at the weekend.

Di Canio, famed for his unique approach to football life, is often at the centre of some kind of controversy, be it 'Nazi' salutes, pushing over referees or general displays of fair play.

Before the match keeper Foderingham had tweeted:

But when asked when he changed the keeper, Di Canio is reported to have said:

'Because he was one of the worst players I have ever seen in a football match. He is a player like the others.

'Why can't we change the goalkeeper? Is the goalkeeper is an element who plays on with another team because he has a different colour on his shirt? I know my players, I know Wes - he was the crappy player even against Stoke.

'Today what he did, it's not only the mistake that can happen to everyone. The arrogance later, when he started moaning to the others, that was the worst thing for me because it let me realise that a player doesn't recognise his mistakes that was clear miles away, that was a rubbish mistake.

'I said to him "now calm because we have to keep going", we give the ball straight away to them and then start again moaning to the others.

'Today he started behaving as the worst professional; arrogant, ignorant in some way - not as a person, as an athlete - I have ever seen.

'If he doesn't come out and say sorry to the fans, for the professionalism in general, he is out from my team. I don't want any argument from the fans 'we play Oxford, we have a season' - no.

'I don't mind because this is my rules and [Leigh] Bedwell did very, very well. Maybe he behaved like this because the window's closed. Another question mark.

'I'm ready to bring in a goalkeeper. I'm ready to ask my chairman if he doesn't go out and say sorry to everybody because this has to come from the stomach and from the heart.

'If he doesn't think he made a mistake in the way he behaved he has to think who he is? Cech?

'He was nothing until the day he joined me, not the club but me. He didn't have one second as a professional, nobody wanted him because he's 181cm. In English football everybody want 199 like the f***ing Preston goalkeeper.

'He should have his career cut and you know that is true, but just because we believed in him and there is no importance in that because he is very good - thanks to him because he did well last year - he forgot everything. He is arrogant, he's still 20. He thinks he's untouchable.'

Right boss, well said!