Bride Napping: Romanian Wedding Day Tradition Takes Off (VIDEO)

While British brides and grooms are tested by their friends on their Hen and Stag night, Romanian wedding guests prefer to wait until the couple has tied the knot.

In the Romanian captal Bucharest, the tradition of 'bride-napping' is becoming increasingly common.

During the post-wedding party, the bride will be snatched from under the noses of groom and guests, and taken to the Arch of Triumph, where she is held hostage... until the man of the hour appears.

"The car was waiting for me in front of the restaurant. I was given the signal by one of my friends, and we came here to have some fun," 25-year-old Alisar Dragne told Sophie Foster from ITN News.

"Now everyone's thinking what ransom to ask the groom for. If he agrees, they'll have to take me back and my husband will have to obey and endure the punishment for not watching over his wife."

According to USA Today, mock abductions are part of marriage ceremonies across the former Soviet Union.