11/09/2012 08:27 BST | Updated 11/11/2012 05:12 GMT

EE: Boris Johnson Thanks Vodafone At Everything, Everywhere's 4G Network Launch

Mayor of London Boris Johnson was on hand for Tuesday's launch of the UK's first LTE mobile network - and duly thanked the wrong company.

Boris was at the Science Museum to mark the arrival of London's first commercial 4G network. But first he took the time to thank various mobile networks for their support during the London Olympics and Paralympic games.

He said he was amazed at how "everybody's been able to go to the Olympic Park and around town, take photos of themselves, or their arms draped around Usain Bolt or Nick Clegg, or other inter-galatic superstars... and they've been able to send those photos to Sao Paulo or Vladivostok".

"I really want to thank now everybody involved in helping to make London a success from the digital point of view," he said.

"I want to say thank you now to all of them, to Vodafone," he said - briefly forgetting that he was on stage in front of the massed ranks of Everything Everywhere (now EE) execs.

"I'm allowed to mention Vodafone aren't I?" he asked, after some nervous laughter.

"Ah - I want to thank Orange, Everything, T-Mobile, Everywhere," he added quickly. "I want to thank - who are the other guys? BT! They did a fantastic job."

Boris also welcomed the arrival of "this 4G revolution" which he said he "barely understands" in his own unique fashion.

"Information will now spout in unbelievable, unstoppable quantities from these devices," he said, holding up several mobile phones.

But there was more.

"4G is obviously not to be confused with G4S," he said, referring to the security company which was widely pilloried after it failed to hire enough guards for the Olympic games. "Or not every rank of G4S."

"Nor is EE to be confused with the EEC, a popular international institution based in Brussels."

"We have less rainfall than Rome and we are now the city with the greatest 4G coverage anywhere in the world," he concluded, before exiting conspicously swiftly from the room.