13/09/2012 09:06 BST

Parliament Should Move To Birmingham Or The Olympic Park, Say MPs

Parliament should be moved to Birmingham or the Olympic Park if the Palace Of Westminster has to close in order to make urgent repairs, MPs have suggested.

Lichfield Tory Michael Fabricant told the Commons on Thursday that the midlands city was the perfect place to conduct the scrutiny of government.

"May I make a shameless bid that if Parliament is going to decant, it decants to Birmingham. Why not, it's our second city?" he said.

In August it was reported that parliament could be relocated for up to five years whilst essential repairs are made including to rotten plumbing, asbestos panels and creaking electrics.

While Labour MP Meg Hillier (Hackney South and Shoreditch) said parliament should take up residence in the now empty media centre in the Olympic Park.

"While awaiting a tenant it could happily house parliament in the interim while the work is done, with a seven-minute shuttle to St Pancras, City Airport on the doorstep, excellent transport links, 20 minutes to Westminster," she said.

"Would the House of Commons Commission consider a temporary relocation of Parliament to 'eastminster'?"

Parliamentary debates would be slightly more exciting if politicians were forced to dive Tom Daley-style from the 10m board, or get involved in a bit of horse dancing. Probably best if they steer clear of the archery range.