14/09/2012 05:44 BST | Updated 14/09/2012 05:47 BST

London Hotel Launches Celebrity 'Tuck Inn' Service (PHOTOS)

Now then, how would you like Brad Pitt to read you a bedtime story while Angelina Jolie fusses around tucking your sheets in at night? Yes, we'd find it all a bit unsettling, too - but those who do harbour such dreams may soon see their fantasies become a reality. Sort of.

Premier Inn Leicester Square in London has just launched its celebrity 'Tuck Inn' service. Star lookalikes (yes, they're only lookalikes, we're afraid) are on hand to get guests ready for bed by doing stuff like plumping pillows, making tea and reading the story of your choice (within reason, we assume).

Obviously, Brad and Ange come as a pair...

But if you prefer, you could have James Bond perched on the end of your bed while you drop off to sleep...

It's unclear how long 007 sits there for after you've turned the light off - but presumably he leaves eventually. Frankly, we'd start to get the heebie-jeebies if he was still ruffling up the end of the duvet in the morning.

The hotel's operations manager Katy Green explains: "With the Leicester Square hotel being just a stone's throw from some of the world's biggest red carpet events, many fabulous film stars are often just a few metres away. The 'Tuck Inn' service means guests can get even closer to their favourite stars before drifting off to sleep."

But hurry, folks! The service is only available until 8 October. After that, you're on your own and will have to try luring real celebrities to your room instead. Want a tip? Invite everyone back for a game of strip billiards. Never fails!

Now, take a look at some more celebrity lookalikes...