18/09/2012 05:05 BST | Updated 17/11/2012 05:12 GMT

Labour Takes 15% Lead Over Tories, But Voters Still Prefer Cameron To Miliband

Good news for Ed Miliband, Labour has opened up a 15% lead over the Conservatives. Bad news for Ed Miliband, voters would still prefer David Cameron to be prime minister.

A Populus poll for The Times published today shows Labour with the largest recorded lead in a mainstream poll during this Parliament and would the party on course for a landslide win in 2015.

However a clear majority of those taking part said they would prefer Cameron to stay in 10 Downing Street.

Some 45% of those questioned said they would vote Labour in an election (up five points since a similar poll in July), well ahead of the Conservatives' 30% (down four) and Liberal Democrats' 10% (down two).

But when asked whether they would prefer Miliband or Cameron in No.10, just 31% opted for the Labour leader against 60% for the prime minister.

Of those selecting Cameron as their preferred PM, 23% said they were happy with how he has done the job so far, while the remaining 37% said they were dissatisfied with his performance but thought he would be better than Mr Miliband.