19/09/2012 08:09 BST | Updated 19/11/2012 05:12 GMT

Erotic Art From Ancient China Goes On Display: Would You Have Them On Your Mantelpiece?

If this year has confirmed anything it's that sex does indeed sell, whether it's keeping Waterstone's afloat with erotic fiction or news of some grainy Royal breasts dominating news stands.

Meanwhile over in China, a relatively low key but more explicit exhibition is proving the cliche correct all over again.

The 1st Wuhan Population Culture Festival at Wuhan International Convention Centre in central China last week had a star attraction - a collection of the country's ancient erotic art.


Phallic sculptures, naughty cups and otherwise demure ornaments concealing copulating couples were the order of the day - and the otherwise conservative visitors, for whom talking about sex is still a taboo, lapped it up.

Contrastly, in a country that loves lewd jokes, where we're debating the presence of glamour models at the front of our biggest-selling newspaper, could you see these objects taking pride of place in British homes?

Take a look at the gallery below and decide for yourself.

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