20/09/2012 12:32 BST | Updated 21/09/2012 06:29 BST

Apple Releases iPhone 5 To Huge Crowds Around UK (PHOTOS) (VIDEO)

Apple has released the iPhone 5 on Friday as to the delight of huge waiting crowds around the UK.

The iPhone 5 went on sale at Apple's retail outlets, as well as many network carriers and mobile phone stores.

Queues gathered outside at Apple's flagship stores on Regent's Street and Covent Garden in London, as well as other cities around the UK, days before the release.

Several of those at the front of the lines had said they hoped to raise money for charity by selling their places, and taking donations.

But the launch was marred after Apple was forced to issue a statement in response to widespread criticism of its new Maps app.

"We're just getting started," Apple said, after it was found the Maps in iOS 6 listed many closed businesses, ignored entire towns and included many other errors.

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The new phone was announced last week, to wide acclaim from reviewers.

Featuring a taller screen, a radically lighter and thinner design and a new version of its iOS operating system, the new iPhone also has a more powerful processor and a smaller dock connector.


Above: Ryan Williams (right)and Peter King (2nd right) queue first and second in line to raise money for Cancer Research outside the Apple store in Covent Garden, London

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The new phone costs £529 for the 16GB unlocked version, up to £699 for the 64GB edition. It is available at a significant discount on contract, through only Orange and T-Mobile will be able to offer 4G LTE data once its sister network EE launches next month.

Apple said earlier this week that it sold two million of the phones on pre-order within 24 hours.

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Photo gallery Apple Iphone 5 Release See Gallery