20/09/2012 17:26 BST

Pig Rescues Goat (VIDEO)

If we were pitching the video above to a Hollywood executive, we'd say it was "Babe meets Lassie". If we had a little longer with said Hollywood executive, we'd say it's "a tale of animal friendship more moving than The Incredible Journey".

Yes, click play above to witness a simply beautiful act of interspecies kindness, as a baby pig (technical name: piglet) appears to rescue a baby goat (technical name: kid) flailing about in a lake. Or is it a river? Who cares. It's Babe meets Lassie!

This is more moving than that cat who's friends with that rooster. Or that other cat, who's friends with a pug. In fact the only way it could be bettered would be if the goat had actually ridden on top of his little piglet friend. But whoever heard of such a thing?!

Animals Riding Other Animals