25/09/2012 07:53 BST | Updated 25/09/2012 07:54 BST

'There Are Two Kinds Of People': The Movie Cliché Supercut (VIDEO)

As the film-lovers among you are doubtless already aware, there are two kinds of people in this world.

However, there appears to be some disagreement over exactly what those two kinds actually are. Winners and losers? Elvis people and Beatles people? People who come in through the window and people who come in through the door? It's all so confusing!

Yep, it's movie cliché time again - thanks to YouTuber James Chapman, who's put together this supercut of the "two kinds of people" line being uttered on camera. It's weird: some of our favourite films pop up in there, but our toes were still curling with embarrassment by the end.

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