25/09/2012 06:21 BST

'Star Wars' Theme Calms Crying Baby (VIDEO)

Ready for today's top childcare tip? If you want to settle a bawling baby, try playing him or her the Stars Wars theme. It worked for the kid in this video, so it could work for yours, too.

YouTuber SebastianL2012, who's presumably the baby's dad, explains: "We discovered by accident that the Stars Wars theme song has magical abilities to calm the baby down.

"He was crying and crying in the car one day and the MP3 started playing this song. Then, every time after that when he'd be crying for no reason (we knew his diaper was clean, tummy was full, etc) and we'd play this song, he'd perk right up."

Aww. We wonder if the tune will continue to have the same effect on the child throughout his life. May the force be with you wherever you go, kiddo!

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