China Is Twitter's Most Active Country (Despite It Being Banned There)

China has the world's highest number of active Twitter users - even though, as noted by The Next Web, the site is largely blocked in the country.

According to stats from GlobalWebIndex, more than 35.5 million Chinese Twitter users were "active" in the second quarter of 2012.

That compares to 22.9 million in the United States, and 6.6 million in the UK.

An active user is defined as someone who had used the site at least once a month.

Chinese users are able to connect to the service only using third-party sites or by accessing the web via a VPN, which makes a server believe you are surfing in another country.

So what are Chinese Twitterers doing on the site? As it turns out, not necessarily anything else than UK users are. The figures said that Chinese Twitter users are more likely to comment about live TV than UK users (24% compared to 18%), for instance.

In total it estimated that there were about 124 million people posting on Twitter in total for the quarter, and a larger number (262 million) who counted as active users.

Facebook meanwhile has about 653 million active users, the survey said.

The top five services were Facebook followed by Google Plus - and then three other Chinese services.