26/09/2012 08:18 BST | Updated 26/09/2012 08:20 BST

Cat And Gibbon Are Best Friends (VIDEO)

Oooh - we're all out of breath. We just felt obliged to run round the office waving our arms in the air and squealing "Too cute! Too cute!" after viewing the video above for the first time. We imagine you'll do something similar when you watch it.

White-handed gibbon APEril (see what they did there?) is being cared for at an animal sanctuary in the US after being rejected by her mother as a baby.

And since her arrival, she's struck up a friendship/fascination with former stray cat Chuck, who could well be the coolest feline we've ever seen. Hey, it'll take more than a frisky gibbon biting her tail to get chilled-out Chuck to shift from the sofa.

"APEril enjoys hanging out with Chuck and playing with her," explains the animals' carer Dana Savorelli, who uploaded the video to YouTube. "Chuck tolerates her as you can see in this clip."

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