26/09/2012 12:58 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Teachers Dip Into Their Own Pockets To Pay For 130 Breakfasts For Pupils Every Day

Teachers dip into their own pockets to pay for 130 breakfasts for pupils every day Alamy

Dedicated teachers have been dipping into their own pockets to pay for pupils' breakfasts.

The staff at Knowle DGE School in Bristol stepped in because they felt it was important that 130 children had a 'good start to the day'.

The situation has been caused by the collapse of the charity Global Hearts for Children, forced by the recession to go into liquidation after nine years providing breakfast club meals for the school.

Joanna Greenwood, who works at the school which specialises in learning difficulties, said the situation was 'not fair', but they wanted to help.

The charity Magic Breakfast has now agreed to support the school's breakfast club as an ongoing partner.

"We feel it's really important that a child has a good start to the day," said Ms Greenwood, a learning facilitator at the school.

"Hunger and thirst is a very big trigger for negative behaviour.

"If the meals aren't in place then they aren't able to engage and focus and be able to learn.

Founder of Magic Breakfast, Carmel McConnell, said the charity helped to set up breakfast clubs for schools where pupils 'arrived hungry and malnourished'.

"Our aim is to make sure no pupil starts the day too hungry to learn so we'd like to help that school," she told the BBC.

The charity is planning to start deliveries to the school in late October and will give them a grant to cover breakfast costs until then.

Healthy bagels, orange juice, porridge and a range of cereals will eventually be delivered daily to the school.

It also wants to work with the school to help its breakfast club become self funded.

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