Birmingham Postbox Neglected For 23 Years Is Finally Emptied (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: You Got Mail - Finally! Birmingham Postbox Neglected For 23 Years

Postal workers have failed to collect letters and cards from a postbox at Birmingham New Street station since - wait for it - 1989, it has emerged.

The box was decommissioned and sealed up after people complained about catching their fingers in the flap. However, it's thought that vandals removed the seal and people then continued to use the postbox, unaware that it wasn't being emptied. The abandoned mail only came to light after builders, who are working on the renovation of the station, removed the box from its central concourse location last week.

"It was unbelievable to find the thing stuffed with old letters," a spokesman for Network Rail told the Daily Telegraph. "For security reasons, many mailboxes have been removed from stations, but presumably it seems that the post in this one was simply missed."

Investigations are still ongoing into how the box went ignored for so long. Meanwhile, Royal Mail is trying to reunite the mail with its rightful recipients. So if you've always harboured a grudge against a Birmingham-based friend or relative after they failed to send you a birthday card circa 1989, you could soon finally gain some closure.

Expecting some long-overdue mail from the Midlands? See if you recognise anything in our slideshow...

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