28/09/2012 11:44 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Dad Blames School For Teen Daughter's Drink And Drugs Binge

Dad claims not enough teachers led to teen daughter's water bottle being 'spiked with vodka and Ecstasy' SWNS

A school is investigating after a dad alleged his daughter's drink had been spiked with vodka and Ecstasy causing her to be rushed to hospital.

Stuart Whincup accused the school of allowing 14-year-old Jamie-Leigh to get into harm because it didn't have 'enough teachers'.

Paramedics were called to University Academy Holbeach, in Spalding, Lincolnshire, following reports the teenager was 'off her face on drink and drugs' and was hallucinating and vomiting in the school's medical room.

Hospital tests showed she had alcohol and the potentially lethal party drug in her system.

Jamie-Leigh - who has since been suspended by the school - admitted drinking alcohol from a Volvic water bottle given to her by a friend, but said her vodka must have been laced with ecstasy.

Her dad has defended her actions and pulled Jamie-Leigh out of lessons - claiming it wasn't safe for her to return to the school because of 'peer pressure'.

Dad-of-five Stuart, from Whaplode St Catherine, Lincs, said: "It's only partly her fault - since the school merged with another there's not enough teachers to monitor all the pupils.

"They can't keep an eye on them all. Girls will be girls won't they? She's at that age.

"It's scared her, so hopefully she won't do it again - but there's no way we're sending her back to school after this because we don't feel she's safe there any more.

"It's all down to peer pressure. She has been accused of having cannabis before - but never anything like this."

He described what happened to his daughter as 'disgraceful' and claimed the vodka 'must have been spiked.'

He added: "She had been given a water bottle. Her other friend said it tasted like alcohol and it was admitted it was - so Jamie tried to show off by drinking some more.


She was a real mess when we arrived at the hospital. She was hallucinating, babbling, her eyes were rolling, she was shaking and being sick everywhere. She's OK now though.


University Academy headteacher Steve Baragwanath said Jamie-Lee is currently serving a five-day fixed-term exclusion while he carries out a full investigation.

He said: "The school has a zero tolerance policy on drink and drugs and I will be speaking to the pupils involved to get to the bottom of what happened and will then deal with it appropriately.

"This girl consumed alcohol at lunchtime. She claimed someone had given her a tablet, but although there was evidence of alcohol and, I believe, cannabis, the evidence was inconclusive on other drugs."

A spokesman for Lincolnshire Police said: "If it comes to light that any criminal offences have taken place, the police will progress accordingly. Otherwise the incident will be a matter for the school and parents to deal with."

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