03/10/2012 15:27 BST

Ed Miliband: Labour's Party Political Broadcast Focuses On Education, But 'Bizarre' Camerawork Distracts Viewers

The Labour Party's political broadcast debuted on Wednesday night on the BBC and ITV - taking the same themes as leader Ed Miliband's speech to the party's conference - his comprehensive education and the option for vocational qualifications for "the other 50%".

Entitled ‘A Better Future’, Ed Miliband talks about his early life and schooling, saying: "“Every young person should feel they can have a career, a future like I had, you shouldn’t be the lucky few.

“I think the education that I got at this comprehensive was so much more than how to pass exams.

"It was about how do you look after yourself, it was about the world is a complex place with people of all kinds and all nationalities, all classes, all races and you know, that is a really important lesson in life.

“I want every kid at school, who wants to go to university and has the qualifications to be able to do so. But equally, I want those who don’t want to go to university but have huge talent and ability in other ways, I want that to be tapped into.

“Let’s get them the best qualifications. The best vocational qualifications. Let’s celebrate what they can do.

Cameos feature school friends, former teachers from the Haverstock School and pupils who were taught by Ed Miliband at Harvard.

Reaction on Twitter was mixed - unlike the reaction to Miliband's speech on Tuesday, which won praise from across the political spectrum.

Many on Twitter pointed to the use of bizarre, shaky camerawork