New Exhibition Of Original LOLCATS Raises Money For Charity: Enjoy Guilt-Free

Given its infinite potential to enrich our intellects, connect us with people we love and unfurl the great artistic achievements of human history before us, using the internet to look at funny pictures of cats can feel like a bit of a guilty pleasure.

But wait! What if looking at LOLCATS was good for charity? Surely then we could luxuriate in LOLCATS like a fat tom rolling in the sun on a garage roof?

The Framer's Gallery in London is making this impossible dream a reality with their new show LOLCAT - TEH EXHIBISHUN, from which an impressive 50% of the proceeds will be put in a bumbag and sent over to Battersea Dogs & Cats Home. That's right - LOLCATS helping actual cats. It's purrfect.

Katnip Cuds, by James McKenzie-Blyth

Sponsored by Artefact Picture Framers and curated by Soapbox & Sons, LOLCAT - TEH EXHIBISHUN will feature graphic designers, illustrators, photographers, animators, and writers.

But rather than your garden variety, homemade LOLCATS that drag their pixelated paws through every other page of the internet, these felines have been specially designed by established artists like Lizzie Mary Cullen, Jimmy Turrell, Paul MacAnelly , 12Foot6, Sneaky Raccoon, Neil Ayres, Murray Somerville, Daniel Gray, James Oconnell - and many more.

Check out a small sample below, and to experience some quality LOLCATTING, pop down to the Framers Gallery, W1, London between 22 January and 15 February 2013.