11/10/2012 13:05 BST

Michigan Apartment Fire Blamed On Man Trying To Cook A Squirrel With A Blowtorch (PICTURES)

Health and safety may be an oft-derided part of modern life but consider this tale of a man, his apartment, a squirrel and a blowtorch as a lesson learnt.

An apartment complex in Michigan went up in flames on Wednesday afternoon after an unusual cookery experiment went awry.

According to local fire chief, Jim Kohsel, a dozen people had to evacaute the Clearview Apartment buildings after one of its residents took a blowtorch to a squirrel to burn its fur off before he popped it in the oven.

michigan squirrel fire

This is what happens when you try to burn fur off a squirrel with a blowtorch

Flames soon spread to the roof and beyond, leaving eight apartments destroyed and another 32 damaged by the blaze.

Fortunately for the squirrel chef, who has not been named, no one was seriously hurt in the accident, although a fireman did break a toe.